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What is Reiki?

reikiReiki is a complementary healing system which is used all over the world regardless of your religion, in fact you do not need to be religious or have particular beliefs at all.  It is increasingly used in hospitals, private practices and self care and can be used in combination with other practices, such as yoga and other sadhanas.
It is not a massage but hands can be applied on certain areas of the body (i.e. eyes, ears, head ect) to direct the Universal Energy onto the receiver.  Usually the healer just places her hands a few centimetres above the body and stays for a few minutes or until it is needed. You do not need to remove your clothes for Reiki and it can be done everywhere, both indoors and outdoors, sitting on a chair or lying down.

Through Reiki we channel the Universal Energy, which is unlimited and present everywhere and in everyone, creating a general feeling of well being and calmness.  It also works on specific areas and symptoms such as aches, chakras, illnesses and addictions. 

The effects are relaxation, calmness, releasing of blockages, releasing of toxins, harmonising imbalances and it speeds up any healing our body and soul is in need of.
You will generally feel a flow of Love after and during a Reiki session and many emotions can come up, in this way being freed and expressed when and if needed.  You will feel generally more in peace with yourself and the world around you and it will help you cope with your everyday life.

Dr Mikao Usui, who rediscovered Reiki during the 1890s, put in place the 5 spiritual principles for Reiki, to remind us all what is of real value in life. These are :


Just for today, I do not worry


Just for today, I do not get angry


Just for today, I work hard/I am honest to myself in my work


Just for today, I count my many blessings and I am grateful


Just for today, I treat all living beings with love, respect and kindness



0 #1 Reiki Distância 2016-11-19 14:03
Thank you for sharing this information, so that more people can know and enjoy this amazing energy. Gratitude!!!

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