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About Bharti

yogawiyhbarthi aboutI met my friend Yoga back in 2000, while at University in London and during a very hard time in my life. I knew  immediately that this would be a life long path and  medicine! It felt like I had finally found a way to heal  both my body and mind. The more I practised the more I felt drawn to it, so I went to as many classes as I could and tried to go deeper into my practice day by day.  I practised Hatha Yoga and then in 2004 started practicing Ashtanga Yoga with teacher Christos Christophy in London, who continuously inspired me and was able to transmit his passion for yoga as a spiritual practice (sadhana).

I also studied with Eileen Gaultier and Lino Miele and took courses with internationally known teachers such as Surinder Singh,  David Swenson, John Scott and  Matthew Sweeney amongst other international teachers. 

My practice gradually became more spiritual and I started integrating Meditation and Breathing work on a daily basis. The transformation that happened after that was amazing and still hard to believe when I think of it. I could see everything so clearly at last and not only my health improved dramatically, I also felt emotionally stronger and more able to be in charge of my life. After living in London for several years and working in the corporate world I just felt naturally drawn to yoga as a lifestyle and decided to teach and help people with this magic tool. I left my secure job and flat behind and moved to India, where I ended up spending 3 years! I lived in an Ashram during my first year and this is where my practice really reached a whole different dimension. Living with Swamis and following daily practices and instructions allowed me to embrace all aspects of Yoga.  I then trained as a Yoga Alliance certified teacher in Tamil Nadu, with Canadian teacher Jennifer Pritchard and started teaching classes and retreats in 2011. 
In 2012 I was also initiated into Reiki in the Usui/Tibetan tradition by Rebecca Lemaire and into level 2 the year after. I now incorporate Reiki into my daily practice, as well as giving treatments to others.  My approach to Yoga and Reiki is very holistic and therapeutic and I see them as tools to improve one's outlook on life and speed up the process of purification towards a clear heart and mind. Healing is an ongoing process that needs continuous dedication and nurturing andI believe these two practices can really help you and facilitate it!

I am based in London, where I teach Yoga and Meditation to adults and children. I teach group and individual classes as well as courses and retreats (manily abroad). I have also taught in festivals around Europe like EcoCamp (music and holistic festival in central Italy) and at Tushita Meditation Centre, Dharamsala, India.
My teachings focus on Hatha Yoga followed by pranayama and meditation. I also focus on adjustments and helping the student develop a personal home practice with self adjustments.  During my retreats I also include practices such as Trataka, Eyes Yoga, Water Yoga and one to one custom made sessions.

The retreats are usually in the countryside, on the beach or moutain areas so that the nature and slow pace of the place are of great help for Yoga practice.

Come and join me on one of my Yoga Retreats this summer!

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